My Little Piece of Heaven

I only moved in two weeks ago, and have finally gotten around to blogging about my finished decorated apartment.. but I’m so happy with the results.

Our apartment is cosy and came fully furnished, which was amazing for my out-of-state best friend not having to lug everything across states. It’s on the main street of our campus above my favorite little cafe, and I can promise you I never want to move.

Here is a little tour of my humble abode; let me know what you think in the comments!


My closet featuring my new BFF, my shoe rack, keeps everything organized and able to be seen. I could do with some more space, but I’m just a hoarder..


My favorite place in the world: bed! I really love how the decor turned out and especially the monogram, I think it really brings it all together.



Here is my desk area and dresser, my attempt at a gallery wall..



This is my other favorite space, my window nook. We have two and they are perfect for people watching, reading, and soaking up some morning sun!


Here’s me and my tapestry, I’m pretty sure I’m dancing, but who can be sure..


Last but not least, the “gallery wall” in my living room!

We have a kitchen and bathroom too, but those rooms are not cute or photograph worthy, I can assure you. Big thanks to my mom, dad, and boyfriend for moving me in.


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